Global Mining Company (Pvt) Ltd.

Consequent upon establishing itself as a premier gas producer in the private sector, Shahzad international Group of Companies decided to venture into the mineral industry and accordingly established a Mineral Department in 2001 manned by the former Director General Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP).

During the year 2006, the aforementioned dept. was converted in to a private company namely “Global Mining Company (Pvt) Ltd” as a subsidiary of Shahzad international Group of Companies. Since then, Global Mining Company (GMC) private limited, Islamabad is a legal entity involved in the development and mining of gold, copper, rubies as well as exploration of aquamarine and marble.

GMC (Pvt) Ltd. Islamabad, intends to utilize its unmatched scientific, financial and managerial expertise in order to conduct a wide range of multidimensional commercial activities including mineral exploration, evaluation, commercial mining and preparation of techno-economic feasibility reports.